Is It Bad Being A Hopeless Romantic?

“You’re such a hopeless romantic!”

Have you ever heard someone said that to you? Well, if no one ever said that to you but you’re hearing that words, certainly your curiosity feelings appeared of what is the real meaning of hopeless romantic, doesn’t it? And is it a good or bad thing if you’re considered as one of the “Hopeless Romantic”?

And what is the meaning of hopeless romantic, actually?


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Well, as you can see that the meaning of hopeless romantic is actually a dreamer, a wishy-washy or unrealistic manners. A person who is hopeless romantic usually search for a relationship that will satisfy their expectations of love. Even though their expectations and dreams are so hard to be come true.

Whether it is bad or not being a hopeless romantic, it depends on how you respond and how you choose to act become the positive one or negative one. If you are being the negative one, usually you’re having a really high standards of relationship until you never feel there’s someone who match your criteria and in the end, you are never been in a relationship at all. While the opposite, the positive one usually will shows their hopeless romantic gestures to their beloved.


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That is one of many examples of a very famous 2002 cheesy movie based on Nicholas Sparks’ novel that could makes you turn become a hopeless romantic and hoping that your boyfriend also say something as sweet as Landon. (Now I’m being hopeless romantic over here)

And I think a person who is a hopeless romantic also has the romantic and very sweet side on their self. And being romantic is always a good thing because romantic gestures can melt your partner’s heart and make him/her knees weak that could make your love deeper and stronger.

So, at the end, I think it’s  you , yourself who decide whether you want to look like a positive or negative hopeless romantic!



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