About Love and Hopes

They say hope is the one that you could hold onto. The one that will give you strength when you are in problems. But see how a girl’s perspective about hope related to love could change your mind.


Cara Membuat Friendship Bracelet Motif Hati

Ingin memberi sesuatu buatan sendiri untuk teman atau pacar yang murah dan mudah? Berikut ini cara yang paling tepat untuk kamu!

Falling for Someone You’ll Never Have

Have you ever been in love? Horrible, isn’t it? It’s not like what people in the movies or in the books said. It’s so far from what you imagined it would be. It gives you that kind of pain that rips your heart and soul apart. 

Is It Bad Being A Hopeless Romantic?

Most days, many people often said the word “Hopeless Romantic” as it is a famous words. So what is the real meaning of it and is it bad being one of the hopeless romantic people?